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In an attempt to define my topic of discussion for this class, I’ve been playing with the idea of philanthropy and social good, specifically in terms of social media. I came across an article that I believe will help me narrow this topic down to something more tangible than the enormous umbrella I was previously brainstorming under.

The article: What Value is Crowdsourcing to Corporate Social Responsibility? provides a survey of fortune 200 business owners involved with philanthropic or community outreach to determine the value of crowdsourcing and social media to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The questions to be asked in relation to this topic are:

  • Defining corporate social responsibility
    • corporate model examples
    • benefits/drawbacks
  • Crowdsourcing methodologies.
    • data gathering
    • demographics
  • Current trends
    • statistical analysis
    • successful ventures, compare and contrast failures
  • Impact for the future, for both corporate and philanthropic
    • projections from both corporate and philanthropic perspectives

The problem with my initial topic choice was not only that it was too broad, but I came at it from the perspective of social media being a positive vehicle for change and discovering how. It felt much more like a marketing strategy than an researched analysis. What I find appealing in this topic is that it is a relevant example of corporations utilizing social media tools, with a bit of controversy thrown in. It’s also an interesting way to approach the issue of civil engagement through technology.


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February 16, 2011 at 4:50 pm

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