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I wrote this post a few weeks back but had internet difficulties. In an attempt to cover my proverbial ass, I posted a list of nonsense notes I had made while watching the film Remix!

Later, I tried to repost my original work, but my computer crashed and managed to lose all my brilliance. As an act of frustration and defiance against the system, I left my notes up and called it art. But is it art? It could be considered a stream of consciousness, a river of ideas that, if one looks closely, reveal a hidden truth about the world.


So here is my original posting:

How random is random?
Ideas are most lucrative
Manifesto: Culture is always built on the past
The established powers of the past will always try to control the future
Our future is becoming less free
To build free societies you must limit the control of the past
Digital rights management
In rainbows Radiohead
$4200000 for16 songs
fair use allows for free speech
Copyright was meant to foster creativity
A balance between the rights of the artist and the public
Peer to peer network
Creative commons sets art free
No one creates in a vacuum
Largest free library of information ever in 18 months
Our extremism should no t be forced on developing nations
Viva Brazil!!

Meaningless as it may seem, I think there are some important points made regarding the price of ideas. Ideas, stored information, creativity is powerful. Our society still deals in oil and corn, but the commodity of technology is a serious threat. This is especially apparent in the push for patents and copyrights on intellectual property.

No one is allowed to own anything, manipulate anything or distribute anything without a team of lawyers and a pile of cash. Progress is halted while dealers make deals and the average people fear the consequences of downloading Happy Birthday off a torrent site. Copyrights were put in play to protect the artist and foster creativity, but when companies saw the dollar signs behind copyrights, the creative process died.

But art is not dead. Creative expression, scientific exploration, innovation will happen, regardless of law or penalty. The people, humanity, that is where creativity lies, not in policy. Countries like Brazil are providing an education system that is structured around collaboration and connection. Watching Remix reminded me that there is a need for the individual is still important. GirlTalk will still make music, whether he gets paid or not. That to me is an inspiration.


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November 10, 2010 at 6:15 am

Miss Chleo Can’t Help Me

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When I think of media, my mind connects to medium and then to Miss Chleo. Yes, I realize my neural pathways are a bit strange, but let me explain:

I was ten years old and was staying at my cousin Molly’s for a week. She was one year older and wiser because her family had a TV with cable. I was naive because we only had three channels, not always in color. It was summer and instead of playing outside we spent all day parked in front of the television, our Barbies and My Little Ponies thrown in a reject pile. Molly was responsible for introducing me to the magical world of daytime television. We watched Family Feud, All My Children and Maury Povich and it was indeed magical. I didn’t want to go back to my drab world of reading books and playing outside. I wanted to watch TV forever!

And then Miss Chleo entered my life. We were waiting for The Price is Right to start when this commercial came on:

Miss Chleo was not just a medium, she was a social medium. For .99 cents a minute I could speak to her on the telephone and she would provide me information and guidance from another realm. It was communication on a level I could never imagine. She knew me, understood me, could predict my future without ever seeing me in person. Maybe we would talk often, about the life of a psychic and my cat who just had kittens. Once Miss Chleo got to know me, she could even be my friend!

Molly and I devised a plan. We would call Miss Chleo before her parents came home from work, but we had to act fast. I would go first and talked for 5 minutes, than Molly. We figured her parents wouldn’t notice $10 on their phone bill.

I dialed with shaking hand and waited for the sassy Jamaican accent on the other line. After the recorded greeting I heard a voice, but it was clearly not Miss Chleo. The voice asked questions, but even at ten years old I could tell they were scripted, recycled for every caller. I don’t even remember what the not-Chleo voice told me, I just remember setting down the receiver and telling Molly it was a scam. I would like to think that after our disappointment we went out back to jump on the trampoline, but I’m pretty sure we watched more TV or played Pong on Molly’s computer.

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September 29, 2010 at 5:13 am

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